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Call for solidarity

Progression of the crowdfunding:


I would like to ask for your help and solidarity with a musician who has had her instrument taken from her.

A professional and talented musician without instrument ???

The detailed situation:

I can not go into too much detail, but just know that this musician lives in a country where it is impossible to buy a musical instrument, because it is not possible to buy one. Put the context of this country, an instrument of very poor quality would cost a fortune.
And a musician without an instrument can no longer work, nor animate her passion: Music!

Why trust me about this funding?

Simply because I know the situation of this country, I know this musician, his talent, his motivation that I have never seen before and even on my most motivated students.

For her, make a small gift.

With an average of 4500 visitors per day, it would be enough to 1 € per person for the problem to be solved in 1 day. You are free to give what you want, to the extent of your possibilities.

La Money to collect: between 2000 € and 3000 €

The purpose of funding is to buy a new or used horn, depending on the amount of money collected.

My engagement ?

I reverse part of advertising revenues, but they are modest and your solidarity is essential.

Bank Cards and Paypal

By cheque


Christophe Loup
8 chemin de la Noue
21600 Longvic - France

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